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Cap Malheureux: In the lagoons, are sometimes inoffensive babies sharks, the large ones are behind the barrier reefs. Some poisonous fishes live also the places: the stonefish, which merge with the rocky depths, and the scorpionfish, brown-red, which moves slowly by deploying broad poisoned fins. Photo by www.alovelyworld.com.

Národný web Maurícia
National website of Mauritius

Rozsiahly web s informáciami, fotografiami, turistickými radami a tipmi, mapami, atrakciami, históriou, udalosami na Mauríciu
Large website with information, photos, turistic advices and tips, maps, attractions, history, events in Mauritius

Africký sprievodca Mauríciom
African guide through Mauritius

Web o Mauríciu
Website about Mauritius

Turistické informácie o Mauríciu
Travellers' info about Mauritius

Slovenský web o Mauríciu

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