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Two colleagues, Mr. Massaquoi and Boy Ru, at the road sign of our village, Bo Waterside, mere steps from the river that divides Liberia and Sierra Leone. Mr. Massaquoi was the leader of Men United to Save Humanity. Rufus and I were both mechanics; we spent many long evenings figuring-out many different kinds of problems. Note the blue UNHCR tarps covering holes in the roofs behind them. When the rainy season arrived, we needed lots more tarps. Photo by Tom Burwell.

Národný web Libérie
National website of Liberia

Obrázky z Libérie
Pics from Liberia

Rozsiahly web s informáciami, fotografiami, turistickými radami a tipmi, mapami, atrakciami, históriou, udalosťami v Libérii
Large website with information, photos, turistic advices and tips, maps, attractions, history, events in Liberia

Africký sprievodca Libériou
African guide through Liberia

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