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Rainy Season, 1994. This reticulated giraffe seems to tower above the vegetation along the Chobe River flood plain. One of Africa's most compelling mammals for both its size and grace, the giraffe grazes primarily on acacia tree foliage in early morning and late afternoon. The dark color of this giraffe indicate that it is a male; females are normally lighter in color and have less well-defined markings. Photo by Susan Ross.

Národný web Botswany
National website of Botswana

Obrázky z Botswany
Pics from Botswana

Rozsiahly web s informáciami, fotografiami, turistickými radami a tipmi, mapami, atrakciami, históriou, udalosami v Botswane
Large website with information, photos, turistic advices and tips, maps, attractions, history, events in Botswana

Africký sprievodca Botswanou
African guide through Botswana

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