The short history of Macochs, the tribe of stone-age people

The origin of the tribe

There were tough times during the Czech-Moravian wars. Czech men troops under command of brave ttom (male) were fighting Moravian women troops under command of equally brave but much nicer Vendy (female). Nobody remembered real reason of these wars and nobody cared anymore. Chatroom was full of virtual blood up to knees of big dwarf. Ttom got tired of senseless bloodshed, threw his weapons away and walked unarmed across the field covered with wrestling couples to the headquarters of beautiful Vendy. There he offered instant peace (just add hot water and it is ready) without any conditions.

But tough Czech mercenaries Sel, Jirik and others didn't appreciate peace. They rebelled with the intention to put ttom in the prison and continue in the war. But ttom guessed their foul intentions just in time to hire his personal guard, so called "Green Decadents", and the most feared warriors of the universe. The rebels were given the short warning that this guard is more than ready for everything. It finished war forever.

The rise of Julia

Nobody remembers now when the wisest Julia was seen in chatroom for the first time. But she is remembered as one of the first, who passed ttom´s test with classification extraclass. But she, as a woman, didn't like these wars at all. She didn't take real part in conflict. Instead of it she hired her personal guard and secured the South of Czech republic in order to keep some peace at least. In the time of peace she decided to act and to secure the peace forever.

Return of the Stone-Age

She decided to return in the ages without dangerous weapons where women as a wiser and more powerful part of human race rule. Nobody knows for sure how she managed it. But people, tired of constant wars, joined her and they travelled back across the time in the stone-age. Being there they chose Julia to be their chieftain with absolute power. She was given the title matriarch, the mother of the tribe. Ttom as the oldest and most experienced (at least he hope so) was given the title patriarch.

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