Avia B.534, IV. series, airfield Olomouc,
oil on canvas, 60x40 cm
original painting in the personal collection

Avia B-534 was the main Czechoslovak fighter in pre-WWII period. The first prototype flew in 1933. Above 500 planes were delivered to the Czechoslovak Air Force during years 1935 - 1939.

After German occupation in 1939, all planes were taken by Luftwaffe. These planes were used in Germany as training machines. 
Some Avia Bk-534 were used also for aircraft carrier landing tests. During WWII Avia was also used as the plane for troop/cargo glider towage on eastern front.

During "Slovak National Uprising" in 1944 the remaining Slovak planes took the opposite side - against Germans. Then one Avia B-534 achieved the last confirmed shoot down by a biplane fighter in WWII - it's victim was Hungarian Ju52.

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Giclée reproductions
signed by the author, printed on canvas

- 60x40 cm ( 23,6´ x 15,7´ ) . . . price 70 EUR

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